Tuition Policies

Each class level’s tuition fee is calculated on an average of four weeks of lessons per month. The tuition is not adjusted for months containing slightly more or less weeks within the pay period except for December and June, which each contain three weeks of instruction; therefore, tuition for December and June is pro-rated. Tuition for May and June is to be paid in one payment due by May 1st.

New students must enroll for a minimum of two months’ instruction, paying in advance the first two months’ tuition plus a one–time, $15.00 registration fee. Thereafter, tuition payments are due the first of each month. THERE ARE NO BILLINGS MAILED. A late fee of $10.00 is charged to all accounts outstanding beyond the 10th of each month. A $30.00 service charge will be charged on all returned checks.

There are no tuition refunds or adjustments, except for prolonged absence of ten days or more due to documented illness, injury or family emergency. Tuition will not be adjusted for family vacations, so please plan your vacations accordingly.

Family Tuition Discount

Families with two children enrolled at the Contra Costa Ballet Centre receive a 10% discount on the lower-level child’s tuition. Families with three or more children enrolled receive a 10% discount on each child’s tuition. These discounts do not apply to students on scholarship.

Student Withdrawal

If a student wishes to withdraw before the end of the school year, the office must be notified, in writing, two weeks in advance to the withdrawal date; otherwise two weeks’ tuition will be owed. Tuition will not be adjusted for withdrawal requests made after May 1st of the current academic year unless due to a documented illness, injury or family emergency.

Make-Up Classes

Students are encouraged to make up classes they have missed. Make-up classes must be taken at or directly below the student’s level and within four weeks of the student’s absence by signing

Class Observation

Parents are invited to observe their child’s class during scheduled weeks in November and March. Please refer to the school calendar for those dates. Detailed schedules are published and posted on school bulletin prior to the observation weeks.

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